A.K. Herman

Fiction / Exile

Hanna Pachman
Poetry / Angels on Twitter

Jacquelin Winter
Nonfiction / Wildflowers Three

Elisabeth Strayer
Fiction / At the James P. Abernathy Memorial Fields

Alan Semerdjian
Poetry / The Coyotes of Los Angeles County

Elaine Maikovska
Drama / The Play is the Thang

Matthew Chabe
Fiction / Crooked Teeth

Tyler Truman Julian
Poetry / America Plays with a Ouija Board

Anita Gill
Nonfiction / Steel

Sean Murphy
Fiction / Running

Toni Ann Johnson and Kate Maruyama
Interview / You Can’t Do This Shit Alone:
Toni Ann Johnson and Kate Maruyama discuss writing friendships in the long game

Cassandra Whitaker
Poetry / Two Poems

Mike Wilson
Poetry / Battle of the Bands

Brynn Hambley
Drama / Somebody Was Here

Suzanne Lewis
Nonfiction / In Lieu of Flowers

Carolyn Siegal
Fiction / The Last Jew in Boyle Heights

Lynn Katz
Poetry / Coffee with My Mother

Michael Garcia Bertrand
Fiction / Lily’s Hands

CL Bledsoe 
Poetry / All the Doors Thrown Open

Andrea Caswell
Nonfiction / Sailor Wife




Winter 2022 Issue

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Managing Editor: Alissa Bird
Drama Editor:
Loy Sydney Weissman
Fiction Editor:
Robert Binney
Nonfiction Editor:
Katy Hinterberger
Poetry Editor:
Alex Wirth
Associate Editors: Jesenia Chavez, Allie Talavera

Lead Copy Editor: Martin Cossio

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Voice to Books Editor: Michael Medina

The Coachella Review is a literary arts journal published by the University of California, Riverside–Palm Desert Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts.