Catherine Johnson
Nonfiction / The Pilot

Maria Santa Poggi
Poetry / I Brought My Pitchfork to Dinner

Alison Bullock
Fiction / Burnt

Daniel Romo
Poetry / Dark Violet

Krista Varela Posell
Nonfiction / What My Mother Remembers

Sarah E. Ruhlen
Fiction / Over the Archipelagoes to You

Fred Shaw
Poetry / Soup Bone Says

Toni Ann Johnson
Fiction / Daughtered Out

Kindall Fredricks
Poetry / 2002 (When Ryan Dies)

Dahlia Garofalo
Poetry / Where the Ladybugs Go

Patrick Strickland
Fiction / A History of Heartache

Ray DiZazzo
Poetry / Space

Chelsey Drysdale
Nonfiction / Starter Marriage

Yvonne Higgins Leach
Poetry / A Thousand Miles Deep

Dean Jamieson
Fiction / Lobsters

Shelley Berg
Nonfiction / Silk Wrap for Sale. Never Worn.

Emma Lee
Poetry / May’s Onion Moon

Pamela Stutch
Nonfiction / Moving to Maine

Sevde Kaldiroglu
Fiction / The Airbnb Guest

Katie Gilligan
Interview / Spiral screenwriters Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger



Summer 2021 Issue

Executive Editor: Yennie Cheung
Managing Editor: Hoda Mallone
Fiction Editor:
Collin Mitchell
Fiction Co-editor:
Lori Hunt
Nonfiction Editor:
Trey Burnette
Poetry Editor:
Alissa Bird
TCR Daily Editor: Kristi Rabe
Interviews Editor: Matthew Ellis
Reviews Editor: Tarra Stevenson
Copy Editor: Martin Cossio

The Coachella Review is a literary arts journal published by the University of California, Riverside–Palm Desert Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts.