Goodnight by Gianfranco Lentini

Gianfranco Lentini (he/him) is a NYC-based queer playwright, teacher, journalist, and first-generation Italian American. His plays include Glory Hole (Burlington County Footlighters), happier (A Night of Play), I’m really glad you’re here (The Magnetic Theatre), Katherine & Peter (Torrent Theatre, inspiraTO Festival), Self-Published (Molecule Literary Magazine), You Tell Me (Theatrical Response Team), Okay Walt Whitman (The Coachella Review), and Open (Mini Plays Review: An International Journal of Short Plays). Gianfranco is currently an Adjunct Professor at New York University for Tisch Drama’s New Studio on Broadway’s Summer Program and a Wendy Wasserstein Project Representative for TDF (Theatre Development Fund). He is also a proud Member of the Dramatists Guild of America. You can learn more…

Brownsville Girls by Mitchell Ganem

Mitchell P. Ganem has written and directed for both stage and screen. He is co-writer of Elvis Has Left the Building, starring Academy Award winner Kim Basinger.  His screenplay Kinky Grace has won several film festival awards.  Mitch’s short film Killing Dinner has played in festivals from here to Turkey.  He is currently in pre-production to direct his original screenplays Fleur de Lis and Losing Jerry for Beachfront Films.  Mitch often works as an uncredited gun-for-hire on screenplays and a credited gun-for-hire on such cinematic wonders as the original screenplay No Visible Horizon and the screenplay adaption of J.P. Polidoro’s…

Best Friends by Romney Humphrey

Romney Humphrey is a former media writer/producer, award-winning screenwriter, and nationally produced playwright with recent productions in California, Florida, and Connecticut. Her play The Bench is being made into a short film this spring. She is the author of three books, including the best-selling How I Learned I’m Old, a humor/memoir.  

DRAMA: Write What You Know by G.A. Milnthorpe

  G.A. Milnthorpe is an author, playwright, and comedian. His latest novel, Archibald Mountbank and the Miniscule Miracles, is his best, and shortest, to date. He lives in Bury St. Edmunds, UK. You can find him on Facebook and  X/Twitter.  

OKAY, WALT WHITMAN. By Gianfranco Lentini

Gianfranco Lentini is an NYC-based queer playwright, teacher, journalist, and First Generation Italian American. Gianfranco’s work has been developed and produced by Torrent Theatre, UNDER St. Marks Theatre, A Night of Play, Theatrical Response Team, Burlington County Footlighters, and the inspiraTO Festival (Canada’s largest short play festival). His work has been published by Molecule Literary Magazine and The Coachella Review. He is currently an Adjunct Professor for New York University’s New Studio on Broadway’s Summer Program and a Teaching Representative for the Theatre Development Fund’s Wendy Wasserstein Project. You can learn more about Gianfranco’s work at and on Instagram at @HeyGianfranco.

Matches by Daniil Lebedev

Daniil Lebedev is a writer and filmmaker. Born in Novosibirsk, Russia, he studied literature and cinema in Paris. He is the author of experimental and documentary films, as well as several works for theatre. He currently lives in Strasbourg.  

Not Exactly John Wayne by Kerry Muir

Kerry Muir’s prose has appeared in Kenyon Review, Crazyhorse, Fourth Genre and elsewhere. Her essay “The Bridge” was named as a notable in Best American Essays 2016, edited by Edwidge Danticat, as was her essay “Blur” in Best American Essays 2018, edited by Hilton Als. Her plays have received awards and honors from Nantucket Short Play Festival & Competition, Gibraltar International Drama Festival, The Great Platte River Playwrights Festival, Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition, and elsewhere. Her play, Esme & Jasper, Out to Sea received an honorable mention on The Kilroys’ THE LIST. Her play The Night Buster Keaton Dreamed Me was published in a bilingual English-Spanish edition…

A New Color Every Day by Sean Dance Fannin

Sean Dance Fannin is a queer dramatist born and raised in Kentucky and writes plays aimed at dismantling cynicism and apathy as an antidote to fascism. Sean’s play Dead Wait received its premiere in Kentucky, followed by the development of The Airplane Game with Derby City Playwrights in Louisville. After moving to Chicago in 2021, he began producing and hosting the podcast Come and See, aimed at persuading book readers to read published plays as literature; at this time, he also started the blog Wasted on Worry and Willing to Wilt, comprised of short and unique theatrical concepts. In 2022…

A Blue Hydrangea

by Eric Braman

A 10-Minute Play

Cast of Characters

BLUE            A Blue Hydrangea
PINK             A Pink Hydrangea
CAROLE      The Great Gardener (optional voiceover)
GEORGE     The Great Gardener’s Husband (optional voiceover)

A backyard garden.

Late spring/early summer.

Lights up on a garden. A hydrangea bush with multiple heads of blossoms is seen center stage, all of them pink except one, which is blue. The blossoms are asleep. The sun rises at start of play waking the blossoms from their slumber.

Good morning world.

Good morning sun.

Good morning dirt.

Good morning butterfly.

Good morning little ants.

Good morning Lilies and Roses and Jasmine.

Good morning Cherry Tree, good morning Kale!

Good morning family.

(turning toward BLUE) Good morning – OH MY GROVE!

What is it?

What happened to you?!

Everybody To Their Own Thing

By Ellen Birkett Morris

Max Anderson, Age 43
Jack Hensley, Age 72
Jenny Anderson, Age 41

The Andersons’ dining room table.
Four chairs surround the table; a place is set at each.

Present day

(Lights up on Jenny, Max enters and kisses her on her forehead).

MAX: You’re sure you don’t mind company.

JENNY: Not at all honey. It’s been a while since we had someone to dinner. It was…

(She stops herself and furrows her brow.).  

MAX: Dad. We can talk about it. I want to talk about it. It isn’t like someone just disappears when they die.