my week off by Aïcha Martine In My Spanish Speaking Mouth by Lisbeth Coiman His Mother Locks Him in at Night by Matt Dennison Devourer by Elya Braden  Bear Lexicon By Eric Fisher Stone Paper Houses by Marina Flores A Coyote in the Midst by Andrea A. Firth The Stash by Katie Dickson
Current Issue

Street Art Photographed by Jon Tyson @jontyson

December 14, 2020

We stood up.  We fought.  We cried.  We masked.  We cheered.  We sheltered.  We suffered.  We marched.  We survived.  We grieved.  The people spoke.  The world watched.  We did it all together.

2020 exposed  many things about the world around us.  A global pause button, it proved that we are truly one humanity.  We are affected and infected by each other.  The Coachella Review’s Winter 2020 Issue features unique stories from fresh voices that capture what it means to grapple with the human experience.  Congratulations to all the artists.