Mary O’Connell
Fiction | The Mortimer Chronicles

Richard Willett
Drama | 9/10

Roy Bentley
Poetry | Angel Wrangling

Jo Varnish
 | Candling

Brad Glenn
Fiction | Maggie’s Heart

Cole Depuy
Poetry | Death of a Millenial

Darren C. Demaree
Poetry | Emily as I Breathe Normally

Gazzmine Wilkins
Non-Fiction | Hiram Clarke Symphony No. 1 in E Minor

Shannon Roberts
Fiction | Laundry Day

Derek Annis
Poetry | Holy Night

Catherine Jagoe
Non-Fiction | Manhandled

Margie Semilof
Drama | Baggage Claim

Rachel Pollon
Fiction | Ten Items or Fewer

George Witte
Poetry | The Harrower

Anthony Isaac Bradley
Non-Fiction | My Accent Makes Me Beautiful

Jennifer Stewart Miller
Poetry | Old Burying Ground, Brewster, MA

Larry Narron
Poetry | Pass / Fail

Michelle Bracken
Non-Fiction | The Brambles

Maddie De Pree
Fiction | Resting State

Barbara Daniels
Poetry | Women are Crewelwork

Kaia Gallagher
Interview | TCR Talks with Catherine Chung

Lindsey Smith
Featured Artist Lindsey Smith / LouMakes


Winter 2019 Issue

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Fiction Editor:
Lindsay Jamieson Gallagher
Nonfiction Editor:
Felicity Landa
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Martin Cossio & Andrea Gannon
Drama Editor:
Katie Gilligan
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Interview Editor: Kent Black
Copy Editor: Pallavi Yetur
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