Kianna Greene
poetry / what I’ve learned about absence while studying korean

RT Young
fiction / Ammonite

Drew Dotson
nonfiction / Memento Mori

Romney Humphrey
drama / Best Friends

Ankitha Venkataram
fiction / The Wedding That Was

Brenna Cheyney
poetry / Ethical Anarchy

JD Strunk
fiction / Fresh Coffee

Mitchell Ganem
drama / Brownsville Girls

Rachel Ament
fiction / Frankie

Nazli Kibria
nonfiction / The Autism Talk

Jeni Eskridge
interview / TCR Talks with Jean Kwok, author of The Leftover Woman

Patricia Contaxis
nonfiction / Remission

Maestro Gamin
poetry / too tired to lie down

Vivian Chou
fiction / Talent Management in Scambot City

Alex Rieser
poetry / Two Poems

Rachael Marie Walker
fiction / I Do Crew

Gianfranco Lentini
drama / Goodnight

Steve Mulligan
nonfiction / Everything Helps

Mykki Rios
poetry / How to Meditate, How to Meditate, parts I & II

Kristin Kovacic
nonfiction / On Maintenance



Winter 2023 Issue

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Drama Editor:
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Jesenia Chavez
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