Rachel Linn

Nonfiction | Encryption

Andrew Roe

Fiction | Not the L.A. in My Mind

Bree A. Rolfe

PoetryIn the Waiting Room of the Dell Children’s Hospital CF Clinic
at Age 40 and A Few Seconds to Answer

Roger Topp

Nonfiction | The Little Boxes Have Holes

Rachel Pollon

Fiction | Horses

Thea Goodman

Nonfiction | Hands

Stephen Massimilla

Poetry | The Thing That I Was Then and All of This and Nothing

Brian W. Robinson

Drama | Jackasses Can Carry Heavy Loads

Carolyn Divish

Fiction | Tansy’s Rapture

megan culhane galbraith

Nonfiction | Talking Points

Lance Duncan

Fiction | The Pit of the Groove

Wren Tuatha

Poetry | Go Ahead

Parker Blaney

Nonfiction | The Banyan Tree

Anna Kelley

Poetry | Joan in Skates and Seeking Muse #11

Nicole Cooley

Poetry | Garden in a Bottle, New Orleans and Marriage, Objects

Susan Taylor Chehak

Fiction | Blessed

Jennifer Lang

Nonfiction | Sealed

Melissa Febos

Interview | TCR Talks with Melissa Febos

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