James Sie
Fiction / Alpha

Emily R. Frankenberg
Poetry / Three Poems

Rebecca Lee
Nonfiction / The Rat Trap

Jacqueline Henry
Poetry / How to Flatten

Byron Flitsch
Nonfiction / You Talk Like a Girl

Kathleen Hellen
Poetry / Muddy Sake

Amanda Witherell
Nonfiction / Diary from a Disappearing Island

Scott Pedersen
Fiction / Cut Your Own

Jeanne van Blankenstein
Interview / Author Kimi Cunningham Grant

Chanel Brenner
Nonfiction / Fear

Marissa Alvarez
Poetry / A San Bernardino Ghost Story

Marci Pliskin
Fiction / Stuff It

Maryann Aita
Nonfiction / The Geography of Flight

Barbara Daniels
Poetry / Studying Myths and Symbols of Pagan Europe

Margaret Wagner
Poetry / Altar in a Barn

Zac Thriffiley
Nonfiction / This One’s Me

Amy Reardon
Interview / Author Deesha Philyaw

Natalie Rogers
Fiction / Sprouted

Colton Merris
Fiction / How Zombie Learned the Difference Between Obsession and Love

Kate Maruyama
Fiction / Café Drago



Winter 2021 Issue

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Managing Editor: Melinda Gordon Blum
Fiction Editor:
Lori Hunt
Nonfiction Editor:
Emily Schleiger
Poetry Editor:
Alissa Bird
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Interviews Editor: Adam Zemel
Reviews Editor: Tarra Stevenson
Copy Editor: Martin Cossio

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