Summer 2019

Kali VanBaale
Fiction Monkey Mountain

Jackie Pick
Nonfiction | Into the Daylight

Ann Kathryn Kelly
Nonfiction The Color of Heartache

Chuck Augello
Fiction | At the Regal, Wednesday Afternoon

Allen M. Price
Nonfiction Screen Memory 2: “How Proud They Are of You”

C. Russell Price 
Nonfiction | I’ve Got Dreams He’ll Never Take Away; or, I Know My Childhood Molester Is  Reading This. He Has Read Everything I’ve Ever Written. He’s Always Looking For His Name: It Starts with a B

Leila Bilick
Poetry Yearbook

R.S. Stewart
Poetry | I Fell Forward For It

Daniel Edward Moore
Poetry | Everything Decent

Amy Eaton
Nonfiction | Fairy Godmother

Kimberly Ann Priest
Poetry | They Cling

Craig Kurtz
Poetry | Revolutionaries

Adam McDonald
Fiction | Going Backwards on Ice Skates

Mindela Ruby
Nonfiction | How to Dissolve Cat Feces

Elizabeth Hazen
Poetry | Scene From A Horror Movie

R.S. Stewart
Poetry Blue Backgrounds

Mylo Lam
Poetry | Ma’s Cahn Chua Recipe: April – December 1975

Nicholas LaRocca
Fiction | Show, Film, Franchise

John Walser
Poetry | After the Fall

Leila Bilick
Poetry | If Freedom

Emily Hageman
Drama The Thought Doesn’t Count

Patience Mackarness
Fiction Stone, Water, Fire

Dylan Schifrin
Drama Gwendolyn

Maggie Nelson
Interview TCR Talks with Maggie Nelson

Juan-Carlos Perez
Featured Artist Juan-Carlos Perez


Summer 2019 Issue

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