Billy Minshall
Fiction | Big in Japan

Luke Sorge
Drama | Hangin’

Jasper Haze
Poetry | Post Truth & I Watch the Fireworks

Julie Rosenzweig
Non-Fiction | The Other Side of the Mirror

Shellie Richards
Fiction | No Good Place to Die

Despy Boutris
Poetry | ODE

Kathleen Gullion
Non-Fiction | 1, 2, 3, 4

Athena Melliar
| Aphaeans

Evan Guilford-Blake
Drama | Yasmina, Cloris and Gordafarid: Three Views of War and Peace

Marisa Crane
Fiction | It Was N, in the Closet, With Her Coping Mechanisms

Tessa Torgeson
Non-Fiction | Spoonology: A Treasury of Spoons

Daniel Edward Moore
| The Cult of One Mirror and You

Maxima Khan
Poetry | Bright Pain

Jessica Love
Fiction | Bugspeak

Stephen Gildea-Young
Non-Fiction | Trains of Prominence

Thea Goodman
Poetry | Summer Novel

Tina Schumann
Poetry | To My Normal Sized Heart

Will Christopher Baer
Fiction | The Age of Reason

Megan Vered
Non-Fiction | We Want the Park

Elizabeth A.I. Powell
Poetry | Judith Perfumes Herself

Deborah Ann Percy & Arnold Johnston
Drama | Periodic Maintenance

Jon Doyle
Fiction | Angels Don’t Play This HAARP

DS Maolalai
Poetry | clear and so close

Kaia Gallagher
Interview | TCR Talks with Leslie Jamison


Summer 2020 Issue

Faculty Editor: Gina Frangello
Managing Editor: Patricia L. Forg
Fiction Editor:
Lindsay Jamieson Gallagher
Nonfiction Editor:
Pallavi Yetur
Poetry Editor:
Andréa Ferrell Gannon
Drama Editor:
Katie Gilligan
Blog Editor: Leanne Phillips
Interview Editor: Kent Black
Copy Editor: Collin Mitchell & Leanne Phillips
Photographers: Kenza Walthour & Gina Frangello

The Coachella Review is a literary arts journal published by the University of California, Riverside–Palm Desert Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts.