Somebody Was Here: A Ten-Minute Doomsday Exploration By Brynn Hambley






Brynn Hambley (she/they) is a queer and disabled playwright, theatre artist, devising
artist, theatre educator, podcast host, and freelance writer based in the New York City
area via New Jersey. She earned her BA in theatre arts from Gettysburg College and
her MFA in theatre from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work explores loneliness,
disablility, queerness, and the very human ability to have hope despite it all. In the past,
she was a finalist for the Independent International Award for Improper Dramaturgy,
2019 (Antidotal); received the Emile O. Schmidt Award for Excellence in Theatre, 2018;
and the Mercury Poetry Award, 2017. Brynn’s plays have been developed with many
companies, including: First Kiss Theatre Company (Della Pieta), NYC Summerfest
(Retail Therapy), Cut Edge Collective (The Eleventh Star, Somebody Was Here),
Soundscape Theater (Pumpkin Dreams), Vibrating Body (Antidotal), Waterhouse
Collective (Antidotal), Loud Colorful Filth (Paradise Lost and Found), Sarah Lawrence
College (Paradise Lost and Found), and the Graduate New Play Development Reading
Series (Runaway Reflections). Currently, she is working on a play about the figlie del
coro of the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, Italy, (Della Pieta) and a podcast entitled
“Play-Mates: Find Your New Favorite Play!” Member of Cut Edge Collective, resident
artist at First Kiss Theatre, member of Storytellers Circle.