Fun & Games

By Barry Spacks


Did you hear about this guy in Germany
picked up an eleven-year jail sentence
for killing a fellow who'd volunteered
on the Net to be cannibalized?

Who knew they had these cyber sites
for cannibals...and for those desiring

When these two guys got together
in the flesh (ha!)
they dined on a bit of the volunteer's body
(unspecified part, enquiring minds
would like to know: and...baked? sauteed?
with tartar sauce? tatare?)

Take a minute. Enjoy a breath.
Have a candy. Now, we will proceed.

Think: the volunteer eats HIMSELF
(long longing for that special taste). 
Later he gets stabbed to the heart,
a consentual thrust -- Daddy Cannibal
cuts off the head, butchers him down
to freezer-cuts, gnaws over time
an estimated 45 pounds of his friend.
Forgive me,  I just can't help myself:
I see our Cannibal nibbling at
a little toe. Oh, what if lovers
became as truly intimate,
each disappearing into the other?

            What if this catches on? 

Barry Spacks is a prize-winning poet and novelist. Named the first Poet Laureate of the City of Santa Barbara, he taught writing and literature at MIT from 1960 to 1981 and continues teaching in the English Department and the College of Creative Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. A recipient of The St. Botolph's Arts Award, Spacks has published nine poetry collections to his name, the most extensive being "Spacks Street: New and Selected Poems," which won The Commonwealth Club of California's Poetry Medal. He is also an accomplished librettist, singer-songwriter, artist and actor.

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