Your Permanent Tooth

By Chanel Brenner


When I brush your brother’s teeth, 
I remember the last night I brushed 
That brand new front tooth 
Beautiful with jagged edges 

We had waited three years 
With your toothless smile 
Evidence of my carelessness 
From when you were three and 
I was chasing you from the bath 
Wrapped in your hooded towel 
The one with the giraffe head 
We were playing tickle mommy 
You were running and laughing 
And then you fell 

The next day the dentist confirmed 
You would lose both teeth 
Earlier than planned 

Your first loss 
I cried 
I grieved 
I blamed myself 

But I was consoled 

It was only baby teeth 
Not permanent 

They are called permanent 
You only had yours for a week

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