Modern Enough?

By Lou Ann Lucas

Modern enough?
Sludge hamper
mortified culture
swan to the north
after the minnie
clackety clack crow
finally a pit bull
after one did falter
everafter wedge stow
slinky to the four lane
out above the freeway
racin' to the front line
Always thinkin of thine
tipper pool a sled saw
cramping up my fist
holdin on for this trip
welden at the brisk
wildly singing slack jaw
penny for a ponder
What's the fin for this one?
Slowly got a pinch
fond of travelling dough boy
sittin near the bridge
starin at the water line
got up with a pitch
stones across the water now
skippin all the way
Plunked a space or two now.
How's it gonna face?
Stones across the water
that was all he saw.
Didn't know she saw him
dancin like his pa.
Stones across the water
that's the little bake
found it at the river
after it to lake
Stones across the water
never more to see
Moved a piece of earth y'all never more to thee. 

Lou Ann Lucas, a writer of more than ten years has her own way of wordplay. Sometimes it's not about reasoning but the sounds of the words that make each poem come alive. Lou Ann has traveled from New York City to Southern California, and now back to Arizona writing more than ever before.  You can contact her at

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