Litany for the Wrong Bygone

By Reb Livingston

King of falsified and lover of manipulated circumstance
deficient in my scheme,
by new of Thy corpulent blessing,
the tinder of shameful eagerness,
that I may be shorn both in skull and shadow.
Subjugate in umbra the poem thrust and harmful charm,
give me span and monogamy with Thy talents
which wheeze Thee in depravity,
so that I may with hastened hands and clenched ankles
allow unto Thee the pink and raised trickery.
For with what contrition, the merry weeping
with what mewing esteem
with what hasten hands and clenched ankles
should not concubine and sublime surrender be celebrated,
wherein Thy lobe is indeed drunk,
wherein thing moanest and quietest,
mundane and concubine, are united,
where the wicked moonlighters meet
and where Thou are in sadistic benevolence
both ghost and banshee!


"Litany for the Wrong Bygone" first appeared in Gargoyle Magazine.

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