Last Night I Went To the Map of the World and I Have Messages for You

By Brendan Constantine

America says it has misplaced your number.
I wasn’t comfortable giving it out. I said
I’d let you know.

Africa’s birthday is this weekend.
There’s a party. No gifts.
Just come.

If you’re planning to go, Greece wants
to know if it can get a lift. Awkwardly
so does Turkey.

Russia wanted me to say The worm knows
the cabbage but the worm dies first.
I have no idea what that means. Do you?

Japan looked really uncomfortable all night
but never spoke. Is something going on?

Ireland asked to be remembered.
I sang to it for you.

I didn’t get to connect with Europe
but, as the French say, Isn’t that just

too bad.

Is that everyone? Oh yes, the oceans.
They asked what they always ask
and I promised I’d repeat it,

Why do you never call?

When are you coming home?


 From Letters To Guns

Brendan Constantine is a poet based in Hollywood. His work has appeared in Ploughshares, FIELD, Runes, The Los Ahgeles Review, ArtLife, Ninth Letter and other journals. His most recent collection is Birthday Girl Wit Possum, (2011 Write Bloody Press). New poems are forthcoming in the journals Pilgrimage, Askew, & Poemeleon. Brendan is currently poet-in-residence at the Windward School and Loyola Marymount University Extension in west Los Angeles.

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