Insomnia Heartbeat

By Jim Daniels


I stir in night’s dark pudding. 
Three Jesuses ago
the clock hands were crosses. 

Night stirring me — moon pie 
and the magic rain of stars. 
You too can be a winner. 
You too can wear a sweater. 
You can wipe your napkin with a chin. 

Birth and death blur God’s mailing address 
and take the Mickey out of Mouse or 
take the Mickey out of Jesus. 
I lost count. 
I fold my fingers into fists 
and punch the lights out. 

Are you waiting for night to settle? 
I have a wooden spoon. Together 
we can paddle through. 

Jim Daniels’ recent books include Having a Little Talk with Capital P Poetry, Carnegie Mellon University Press, All of the Above, Adastra Press, and Trigger Man, short fiction, Michigan State University Press, all published in 2011. Birth Marks, BOA Editions, will appear in 2013.

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