I Am Soap Scum Cleaner Building Like Soap Scum

By Jonathan Alfi


Finally alone,
I am able to read before bedtime,
Listen to metal in the shower or
Not shower for extended periods.
I am unsure who to call,
I am distended limbs on yoga mat,
I am able to drink coffee with strangers,
I am curtain-muted-moonlight,
I am long floss at the bottom of trashcan,
I am a snake gutting clogged sink,
I am the crease in your skinny face,
I am the hollow we both feel,
I am K-Town, Venice, Reseda, Mid-City.
I should travel,
Smell foreign shampoo.
I am more than capable of eating two servings of fried chicken alone,
I can pick the wrong karaoke song,
I can drunk dial and
Hold pockets of fat in my hand like it's play-doh.
I am weak,
I am engorged and repugnant,
I am diluted and boring,
I am hacking into sinks,
I am infomercial steel wool attacking tile floor,
I am bathroom cleaner on wet bathmat,
I am hot dog juice on piping hot skillet,
I am alone.

Jonathan Alfi was a 2012 PEN Center USA Emerging Voice Fellow and 2011 UCLA Kirkwood Literary Award Nominee. 

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