A Glimpse of Eclipse

By Melissa Guillet

I look for you in the sky.
Street lights try to clone you.
Clouds cover you, until
there you are, shining
through clear gray air.
Even with the shadow
of the Earth upon you,
I can still see your face. 

Darkened, you seem a spoiled egg,
not ripe for conception.
Yet you wax on one more night.
Cats make love in your afterglow. 

Even in shadow, you hold our gaze:
White flesh in black stocking,
pearl in dark silk,
lovely eye under burka.

Melissa Guillet's work has appeared in Appleseeds, Ballard Street, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Caduceus, The Cherry Blossom Review, GBSPA’s City Lights, Cyclamen & Sword, Dos Passos Review, Fearless Books, Imitation Fruit (winning poem), Lalitamba, Language and Culture, Lavanderia, Look! Up in the Sky!, New Muse, Nth Position, Public Republic, Sangam, Scrivener’s Pen, Seven Circle Press, Two Hawks Quarterly, Women. Period., six Poets’ Asylum anthologies, and several chapbooks.

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