doodles doodled while talking on the phone

By James Francis


a circle, with 2 dots and a curve inside:  "happy face"  a tiny
triangle and a curved line at the bottom make it a happy face balloon.

puffs of clouds, then flying sheep.

a triangle, angled again into a pyramid.  dots of sand.

an oval with a shaded "lip" inside, like a manhole, with an arrow coming out.

a curved line, nothing, with perpendicular lines depending therefrom.
shading makes drapery, or corrugated metal, or the aurora borealis.

this could be a fish but it's in the shape of your eye.  lash-like
fins and tail, and circles for bubbles.

a squid is a little arrow, a little fireworks rocket with suction-cup
legs.  ink blot.

this face has an asterisk and a spiral for eyes.

a sphere can be many things; this one is not.

cube.  cube.  legs, arms, antennae and screen:  TV man, with power
cord tail.  nothing on.

a sphere with three legs is a capacitor, a disc with two legs is a
resistor.  they fight with lightning bolts.  electricity.

this line is the horizon, the one above it is the mountains.  short
verticals make telephone poles, connected by curves of lines.

this t-shirt is yours, these curves are your breasts.  I can't do you justice.

a crescent:  banana, smile, or moon?


I miss you.

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