Deep in the Belly of Me

By Rita Meacham

In the cell’s pasture
My body builds pyramids
In  time.  Here, planted he & I
Myriads and myriads
Of what will never be.

My heels never left the soil
With this man, though they
Turned downward toward
the center making the future
expensive for him.

The Great Pyramid was built
with limestone.   Limed earth
recovers  when man wrestles with her
because strength comes from the woman
though man is taught otherwise.

The kindest vengeance is recovery
 and I have told him so.  I only
want to make my own land sweet! 

Rita Meacham started writing at age eleven when traveling cross country in a refurbished school bus with her family. Meacham works as an artisan and is pleased you have read her poem.

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