Contemp Rural

By Benjamin Evans

I need to know the core of my land
swell a city girl with affection and child
sense portents in both knees

refuse to break the stallion
Charge, my envy!
kitchen window hum
no god
Montana sky a Browning Whisper

the quaint, a posture–
the question labored
rather than asked.

I’ll sow only hunger
reap simply what I can stomach


Ben Evans is the editor of the arts review,, and the collected book of original fiction, poetry and portraits entitled, Fogged Clarity 1. His own poems, essays and reviews have appeared in Gargoyle, Illya's Honey, Scythe, The Beyond Race Quarterly,, The Ambassador Poetry Project, San Pedro River Review, and The Muskegon Chronicle, and are forthcoming in The Toronto Quarterly, Sugar House Review, and Miller’s Pond, among others. He is a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post Arts Section.

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