Being Twins is a Mistake

By Betsabe Gomez


being twins is a mistake 
not that your eyes are mine 
even my crooked fingers 
are not the same spider legs 
that you clench into fists 
when you speak I suck in 
the air of your voice 

it’s more like someone 
shoved the same antique 
music box inside 
the gulf of thorax before 
we were sewed up for good 

we hurt bruises like clockwork 
and seek out that chord 
that sings through teeth 
a plucked reverberating tongue 

see this is 
you this, you 
see is me 

Betsabe Gomez is an MFA candidate at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Monkeybicycle, 580 Split, and Plath Profiles.

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