YAA Girlz and the Deadly Sparks

By Patrick O'Neil

The YAA Girlz and the Deadly Sparks were two all female skateboard "crews" from San Francisco during the punk rock days of the early 1980's, formed in reaction to the all male skate "crews" like the Jaks, and then the Jerks, whose skateboarders didn't allow women as members. The documentary consists of interviews with a few of these pioneering women skaters today as they talk about what it was like then, combined with a montage of photos taken during their heyday, skating and hanging out. The accompanying soundtrack consists of music from local SF punk bands of the era: Bad Posture, Fang, Afflicted, and Speed Racer.

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Patrick O'Neil is a writer, filmmaker, and musician living in Hollywood, California. He holds a BFA in Film from the San Francisco Art Institute, some certificate-like thing in Web Design and Video from The Bay Area Video Coalition, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University in Los Angeles. His short documentary films have been rejected from a multitude of film festivals. His nonfiction essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, most notably: Word Riot, SoMa Literary Review, Blood Orange Review, The Citron Review, Sunsets and Silencers, and Two Hawks Quarterly. During the day he assistant teaches English Comp at a community college. In his spare time he pesters agents for representation for his recently completed memoir titled Opacity — and works on new films. On the full moon cycle he publishes rambling diatribes online at: http://patrickseanoneil.blogspot.com.

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