Sunday in the Country

By Philip DeRise

I wanted to show a moment of transition within the life of a young person - a moment when suddenly things weren't so simple and the world of black and white has bled a bit more grey. In this case, what a young girl sees in on an outing to the park with her family changes, likely forever, her relationship with her father, and on a larger scale, her feelings about relations between men and women. The moment could be interpreted as a memory as much as it could a real time event happening to the main character. As the memory is recalled, the event grows more subjective and impressionistic. Translating this experience into actions that only span about four minutes on screen was a challenge. If it were not for my wonderful actors and my small dedicated film crew, it would not have been possible.



Philip DeRise is an MFA candidate within the Film Directing Program at New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singapore (class of ’12). His next film, entitled Temp to Perm will move into production the fall of 2010. Philip has produced and directed short films for the band Longwave, Doctors of the World (now Health Right International), United Nations Department of Public Information’s Genocide Prevention Information Programme, Robbers on High Street, among others.

Previous short film festival screenings include Angelika NEWFILMMAKERS Series at Anthology Film Center in New York City, the 2008 Athens International Film and Video Festival, and the 3-Minute Film Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photos credits include the
Vermont Tourism Board, Singapore Straits Times, and NYU Today. His first short story, “Invisible Tunnels” was the 2007 contest winner of the literary journal Silent Voices, published by Ex Machina Press. Prior to film school, Philip spent five years working on Hollywood feature films. His credits include production work on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Unfaithful. Philip has studied at Moscow State University, Russia and Middlesex University, England and holds a BA in Russian Language and Literature from SUNY Albany. More info at

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