Part Time Fabulous - Clip

By Alethea Root

PART TIME FABULOUS follows Mel (Jules Bruff), a young woman who suddenly falls in love with a man, Don (Bjørn Johnson), on vacation. So taken with each other, he moves in with her twelve days later. It's not until then that her deep-rooted and untreated Clinical Depression reveals itself. Her inability to deal with her illness pushes a wedge between them and ultimately breaks them apart. Mel is forced to finally face her disease alone. In the quest to heal herself, she sets out to make a documentary that exposes her truth, and the heartfelt truth of others dealing with Clinical Depression.

Alethea Root, Director / Co-Writer / Producer, is making her feature film debut with PART TIME FABULOUS. Root is also in development on MUMBET, the true story of the first African American to win her freedom from slavery nearly 80 years before the Emancipation Proclamation. Root directed Episode 2 of the comedy web series EVIL SHRINK, starring Taylor Negron and Hamish Linklater. She has also directed several short films including UN PETIT JEU, BEAUTIFUL, HILLS LIKE WHITE ELEPHANTS, and a documentary short, CRASHING CARS. Before moving to Los Angeles, Root directed and taught theater in the Berkshires, co-directing Eric Begosian's SUBURBIA with Tony Award winning director Julianne Boyd to expose the dangers of drug abuse in their hometown. She has also tackled such issues as suicide in SENICA'S CHILDREN, rape and abuse in EXTREMETIES, and fun in HUCKELBERRY FINN with Barrington Stage Company.

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