By:  Bonnie Watts


What secrets lie

  beneath the soul?

Those doors are closed


What carnal dreads

  what charnel threads

that hidden,

  clothe our psyche’s core?

The innermost

  of who we are

will go with us

  into the void.

What weighty matters

  we attach  

to our frail link

  to humanness.

What joy to be

  as light and free

as birdsong

  caught upon the breeze,

without the thought

  that burdens me.


Bonnie Watts holds a BA in English from Washington & Jefferson College, and MS Ed in Reading from Duquesne University. She has taught English, remedial reading, ESOL, fourth grade and first grade. Bonnie has lived and worked in several locations, including Pittsburgh, PA; Mandeville, Jamaica; San Francisco, CA; and Gwinnett County, GA. Her hobbies include reading, travel, and cooking.