By:  Danielle Foley


  1. Words


When words are insignificant what does a phone conversation become?

When you can’t find the vocabulary to say what’s in your heart,

Because your brain can’t find the letters

To make up the words

To make up the phrases

To make up the meanings

Because what you are feeling

Is more than a sentence?

How much do you want to talk love?

It’s not a talking thing

It moves you




  1. Remember


I remember a long, black dress



With tiny, gold stars (flecked on the fabric)

I remember shingles

That burned my skin like fire ants

I recall floating away on a

Cloud of pills

I remember

Thinking that I was so cool

And you were so cool

And that our love would never die

Danielle Joy Foley received her BFA in Theatre Arts from Miami University of Ohio and MA in Dance/movement therapy from Drexel University. She is a Philadelphia based actress, illustrator and yoga teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, gardening and interpretive dancing.