By: Cole Depuy

Tech Support stormed my apartment
carrying “hot spots” & LTE coverage.
They were too late.

My obituary read:

Officials reported Netflix froze,
then Snapchat wouldn’t load,
& finally Instagram displayed an error.
The 27-year-old bravely unplugged
his modem & plugged it back in several times
before collapsing.
He was isolated in seconds,
asphyxiated in minutes. His last moments
were spent guessing at the neighbor’s password.
The coroner’s report named
WIFI deficiency in a millennial
as the cause of death.
The deceased is survived
by his 14 YouTube subscribers.

I got an open casket
despite what the pressure
did to my veins.

My followers lined up & approved,
leaving comments like flowers.

I heard he didn’t pay his bill, they murmured
& called it a suicide
while taking selfies in the parking lot.

After a month, hundreds of friends
had unfollowed me.

My profile an old gravestone,
showing pictures and messages
of a person who never existed.

 Cole Depuy is a Ph.D. student in SUNY Binghamton’s Creative Writing Program and recipient of the Provost’s Doctoral Summer Fellowship. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Penn Review, Boston Accent, The Maynard, pacificREVIEW, and elsewhere.