Brownsville Girls by Mitchell Ganem

Mitchell P. Ganem has written and directed for both stage and screen. He is co-writer of Elvis Has Left the Building, starring Academy Award winner Kim Basinger.  His screenplay Kinky Grace has won several film festival awards.  Mitch’s short film Killing Dinner has played in festivals from here to Turkey.  He is currently in pre-production to direct his original screenplays Fleur de Lis and Losing Jerry for Beachfront Films.  Mitch often works as an uncredited gun-for-hire on screenplays and a credited gun-for-hire on such cinematic wonders as the original screenplay No Visible Horizon and the screenplay adaption of J.P. Polidoro’s thrilling novel Tattoo: Incident at the Weirs.

For the stage, Mitch currently has in development Emperor Norton, a musical about the eccentric life and times of San Francisco’s most beloved folk hero.  His play A Train to Laugh won the grand prize in the William Faulkner Literary Competition.