A New Color Every Day by Sean Dance Fannin

Sean Dance Fannin
is a queer dramatist born and raised in Kentucky and writes plays aimed at dismantling cynicism and apathy as an antidote to fascism. Sean’s play Dead Wait received its premiere in Kentucky, followed by the development of The Airplane Game with Derby City Playwrights in Louisville. After moving to Chicago in 2021, he began producing and hosting the podcast Come and See, aimed at persuading book readers to read published plays as literature; at this time, he also started the blog Wasted on Worry and Willing to Wilt, comprised of short and unique theatrical concepts. In 2022 he co-founded Theatre Contronym, a company focused on exploring an egalitarian process of creation. This company produced Sean’s Chicago debut play, Sunflower, in 2022. He currently resides in Chicago, where he writes and cares for his dog, Morty. Website: sean-dance-fannin9.webnode.com Twitter: @seandance