Space by Ray DiZazzo


(Mistakenly untethered at the of rear

of the craft, she leaned away to view the earth.)


The slightest turn.         


An unintended push         




                suddenly              you are                        out of touch          


    out                     of                           reach       





 in a muffled crackling of 


radio static 


and a depth of night


                                        you could   


never understand




             through the frigid                brief                 remainder 


of your life.    









              on every side      



 for all of space                  all of time                     all existence      






but at most a thousand breaths        

                                                                and the slow   






                                of black sparkling.



Ray DiZazzo has published poetry, fiction, criticism, and other work in commercial and literary magazines, newspapers, and books. He is the recipient of the Percival Roberts Book Award and the Rhysling Award and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. His work has been anthologized in Contemporary Literary Criticism and other publications. In addition, he has published four books of poetry: Clovin’s Head (Red Hill Press, 1976), Songs for a Summer Fly (Kenmore Press, 1978), The Water Bulls (Granite-Collen Communications, 2009), and The Revlon Slough (2Leaf Press, 2018). His forthcoming book, Tropic, is scheduled for release in the spring of 2022.

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